It has come to my concern after a research of how discrimination has affected many people in the world.In this i will mostly consider how discrimination is in religion or in church for the Christians if i may refer to them as so.
Churches have developed another habit of discriminating the members.I once just the other day attended a church service to my surprise was,the leaders or a selected group of people who had the top or front seats which are meant for them according to the church rules.
They each had packed drinking water a litre each while we the church members were there thirsty and in this case we the tithe payers and the offering offers



In Kenya religion has taken another way such that the believers are cheated and done evils in the name of christ whom they claim to be serving in truth and in spirit as they say.
Religion as it was meant for bringing people from different areas with same believes together,this has gone to another extent where the religious readers are benefiting from the followers.They miss interpret the scriptures and interpret it in a manner that the believers will be deceived by the word and give them what they are after.
The following are some of the activities or evils that religion has been doing

He is the founder of the Unification Church, which has become worldwide since its origin in 1954. Moon was born in 1920, and has set himself up at the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. A lot of people go around saying, “I’m Jesus,” but they are usually dismissed as insane or seeking attention.

Moon has convinced anywhere from several hundred thousand to one million people to join his church and consider him “Jesus reincarnated.” Moon is vehemently opposed to homosexuality, and yet he makes the common mistake of hating them, spewing rage at them, instead of trying of forgiving and trying to convert them from the sin. Such hateful opposition does nothing but galvanize the offended party to continue as it is. Christians must be in the business of saving souls, not assisting their damnation.

He is extremely anti-Semitic, and his entire church with him, championing the Holocaust as divine vengeance against the Jews, because they did not support Jesus, and this brought about his murder by the Roman government.

And none of that mentions Moon’s extraordinarily lavish lifestyle. Modern church founders typically make a lot of money founding churches. Jesus didn’t make one cent. Moon has been known to spend $2,000 a day, and give his children as much as $50,000 monthly allowances. His “True Family’s” home is a huge mansion on 18 acres in Irvington, NY, with 12 bedrooms, a dining room replete with pond and waterfall, 7 bathrooms, a bowling alley, and that’s not counting the mansions in Korea, England, Scotland, Germany, thoroughbred horses for the kids, private tutors, Ferraris, motorcycles, and blank checks to take on their vacations, first-class of course.

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

The funniest part is that he was convicted of tax fraud and served 18 months in prison. Remember the fish Jesus told Peter to catch? It had two coins in its mouth, one for each of them, to pay the tax? “Render therefore unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is God’s.” Even Jesus paid taxes.
Vernon Wayne Howell was a handsome, charismatic Texan, considered so poor a student in elementary and middle school that he was enrolled in special ed classes. He memorized the New Testament by 11, and impregnated a 15 year old when he was 19. He must have forgotten a few verses.
By 1983, after being kicked out of a 7th Day Adventist Church for fooling around with the pastor’s daughter, he began calling himself a prophet. He was able to recruit followers because of his good looks and magnetic personality, eventually proclaiming himself Jesus Christ, “the Son of God, the Lamb who could open the seven seals.” He taught that monogamy was the only proper relationship, but that polygamy was perfectly fine for him, and him alone, and quickly had sex with Karen Doyle, called her his second wife, after his first died, and proceeded to have sex with as many as 140 different women.
Karen Doyle did not get pregnant, probably because she was 14 years old, so he slept with Michele Jones, 12 years old. By proclaiming this God’s will, he was able to have sex with any woman or girl whenever he liked. He tried to gun down George Roden, who was also a high ranking member of Koresh’s sect, and escaped conviction by mistrial.
By the time of the Waco Siege, he had, by his own admission, fathered at least 12 children, some by girls as young as 12. And the followers just kept coming. To be honest, the FBI seriously botched the siege, and used unnecessary force, but Koresh was the primary culprit of his followers’ deaths, 82 of them, by fire. Which side started the fire is hotly disputed and will never be known, but Koresh told his followers, “Don’t move until you see God.” They didn’t see God before they burned alive.
He’s worse than the previous two because he doesn’t even know how to lie convincingly. He swears that “the spirit of God comes mightily upon [him]” and enables him to leg press 2,000 pounds, though he is 79 years old. This claim has been thoroughly debunked by weightlifting experts, and yet he persists in claiming and not proving it.
He has claimed to be able to deflect hurricanes by praying to God, and stated that Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment for abortion throughout America (not for Mardi Gras, which would be a little more understandable), thus showing that he did not pray for Katrina’s deflection. He believes that 9/11 and Katrina might be divinely connected.
Most recently, he denounced Haiti after the January 12, 2010 earthquake, stating that Haiti deserved what it was getting because it swore a pact with the Devil back in 1791, in order to drive out the French. Whether that pact was sworn or not, his comments were obviously intended to inflame and hurt, and they did so. How Christian of him. He was roundly denounced by most Christian denominations, and still refuses to retract what he said.
He predicted Doomsday in 1982. Ronald Reagan came close, I guess. He predicted a Pacific Northwestern tsunami in 2006, then a terrorist attack on American soil sometime in 2007. He defended this last failure by stating, “All I can think is that somehow the people of God prayed and God, in his mercy, spared us.” He has made many other predictions, none of which has come true.
He has many times called for the destruction of Islam and all its followers, not for their conversion to Christianity. he calls Islam “satanic.” He calls Hinduism “demonic.” He even claims some Protestant Christian denominations as harboring the spirit of the Antichrist. He has made quite a few anti-Semitic remarks, notably about Ariel Sharon, the former PM of Israel, whose stroke and vegetative state Robertson calls “an act of God.”
Matthew Hale
Hale is currently serving 40 years in prison for attempting to solicit the murder of Judge Joan Lefkow. Not a very model preacher. But actually, he calls himself the Pontifex Maximus of the Creativity Movement, which is just another offshoot from the Ku Klux Klan. The church is for whites only, and it has its own bible, in which one finds passages such as, “You have no alibi, no other way out, white man! Fight or die!”
His church calls for a worldwide, racial holy war, to exterminate the Jews and all black people, in order to establish “a white world.” His reasoning: God is white; God created the Jews and black people to test the faith and resolve of white people; thus, killing a Jew or black person is not a sin. After one of his followers, Benjamin N. Smith, committed a deadly shooting spree, targeting only minorities, Hale “defended” his actions on TV by saying, “We do urge hatred. If you love something, you must hate that which threatens it.” He is on audio tape laughing about the shootings and imitating the sounds of gunfire.
Bray is not an ordained or college-educated minister, but he does preach a lot about abortion. He served 46 months of a 10 year sentence for conspiring to bomb 10 abortion clinics in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D. C. He and his wife stand firmly on the Bible as the inerrant Word of God, and that because it preaches so firmly against homosexuality and adultery, then upon being convicted of either in a court of law, the guilty party should be put to death. Even though American courts of law have no problem with either. They might be sins, but they aren’t felonies.
Bray didn’t exactly help the Christian cause of conversion by allowing Richard Dawkins, the most famous atheist in the world, to interview him for a show called “The Root of All Evil.” Bray was thoroughly outmatched, of course, and made Christianity look like…well, the root of all evil.
He is now out of prison and living in Wilmington, Ohio, officially labeled as a terrorist.

Paul Jennings Hill
Hill was a trained and ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church, but the church excommunicated him in 1993 for taking such a militant stand against abortion, and for becoming a member of the Army of God, a Christian terrorist, anti-abortion organization.
This ordained minister finally let his anger get the best of him when he traveled to Pensacola, Florida on July 29, 1994, to an abortion clinic, and murdered one of the doctors, and his bodyguard, point-blank with shotgun blasts. He wounded the bodyguard’s wife. Then he calmly put down the shotgun in the grass and sat and waited for the police.
He was executed. The law does not permit vigilante justice. And come to think of it, “Love thine enemies,” seems a fair argument against it also.

Marshall Herff Applewhite, Jr.
And if you thought the last several entries were weirdos, Applewhite has gone down in history as a true psychopath. Born May 17, 1931, he proclaimed himself a prophet in 1972, and then, as they all seem to do, proclaimed himself Jesus Christ reincarnated. He was not as handsome as #9, but he wasn’t exactly ugly, either, was married, and seemed for all the world to be “blameless and upright before God.”
Followers flocked to his forceful charisma, when he told them that UFOs were coming to take them away to Heaven. When the UFOs didn’t show, the followers left, but he kept preaching to various friends and their acquaintances, and by 1975 acquired a following of 93 men, women and children.
He eventually recruited people from all 50 states, and settled in Rancho Santa Fe, California. His wife died of cancer in 1985, and sometime between then and 1997, he had a nurse surgically castrate him, for purification. He called his church “Heaven’s Gate.” His congregation worshiped him fervently.
On March 19, 1997, as the comet Hale-Bopp was passing Earth, Applewhite recorded himself preaching to his congregation that suicide “was the only way to evacuate this earth.” His congregation did not believe in suicide, but was so enamored with him, that 39 members took his word for it, and on March 24, 25, and 26, they killed themselves with mixtures of phenobarbitol and applesauce, followed by vodka. They also put plastic bags over their heads to be sure of asphyxiating, in case the poison didn’t work.
Applewhite’s idea was to die so his spirit would ascend to the UFO following Hale-Bopp, which would then take him and his followers to another plane, both physical and spiritual.
Jim Jones
But that’s nothing compared to the 909 people, 276 of them children, who became enamored with the handsome charismatic founder of the Peoples Temple. James Warren Jones started out Methodist, and seemed to have fine intentions, endeavoring to bring about civil right for blacks and integrate American society. Somewhere along the line, he went patently insane. He was an aggressive narcissist, just as entries 1, 4, 7, 8, 9, and 10. He never claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, and the only reason he founded the Peoples Temple was for the money he could make via his congregation.

The strangest part is that his followers were not hopeless runaways or uneducated and uninformed. They were predominantly members of other Christian denominations, Methodism, Presbyterianism, Disciples of Christ, etc. They were taken in by his good looks and charm, and his ability to lead and convince.

In 1974, the Temple went to Guyana, with only 50 members. But Jones promised others back in the States a tropical paradise, and they flocked by the hundreds to “Jonestown.” Because he had always been an outspoken communist sympathizer, and intended Jonestown to be a socialist save haven, he drew the attention of the U. S. Government.

On November 17, 1978, investigating claims of abuse within the Temple, California congressman Leo Ryan went to Jonestown, and about 15 members wanted to leave with him. They attempted to depart via a nearby airstrip, and were fired upon by Temple security guards. Ryan was killed, along with four others, one a Temple member.
When the shooters returned to Jonestown, Jones and accomplices were preparing a mass suicide by poisoning: Flavor Aid loaded with cyanide, phenergan, Valium and chloral hydrate.
There are graphic pictures of the dead lying en masse outside the pavilion, 909 of them. The children were probably not told that the drink was poisoned.
Jones shot himself in the head.
Charles Coughlin
Charles Edward Coughlin was a priest who used the radio to acquire a large audience for his political and religious propaganda. He was born in 1891, and one of the first to use modern technology to mass communicate for such a purpose.
He started out innocently enough, using radio to decry the KKK for burning crosses on his church grounds, but ten years later, in 1936, he started praising and defending both Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini for their politics, and spewing some of the most despicable virulence against Jews to which the world had borne witness up to that point.
He blamed the Great Depression on “an international conspiracy of Jewish bankers,” then blamed Communism, the Russian 1917 Revolution, and Marxist atheism on “global Jewry, in its attempt to lead people astray from the perfection of Lord Jesus.”
He plagiarized a speech by Goebbels, then delivered it himself in a rally in the Bronx, September 13, 1935, giving the “Hitler salute.” And this is what he said. This is what Father Charles E. Coughlin, SJ. said, “When we get through with the Jews in America, they’ll think the treatment they received in Germany was nothing.”
He acquired thousands of followers, who chanted things like, “Wait until Hitler gets over here!” Coughlin was linked with a group that attempted to overthrow the U. S. Government, after which he was abandoned by most. He still refused to change his politics, and fought a series of radio duels with Unitarian Walton Cole, who wanted the Catholic Church to put an end to Coughlin’s vitriol.
F. D. Roosevelt himself was the man who shut Coughlin up for good, when the latter started railing against the New Deal. The courts ruled that the 1st Amendment did not apply to radio, and Coughlin’s license was revoked. This forced him to pay for his own air time, which he could not do for long.
On May 1, 1942, the Archbishop of Detroit, Most Rev. Edward Mooney, ordered Coughlin to stop his political activities and confine himself to his duties as a parish priest, warning that he would be defrocked if he refused. Coughlin complied and remained the pastor of the Shrine of the Little Flower until retiring in 1966. He died in 1979, at 88 years old, still publishing inflammatory articles against Judaism and Communism.
Fred Phelps
He has 13 children, 4 of whom have disowned him and their other 9 siblings. Those 4 children, two men and two women, have denounced the man himself as “a vitrolic, megalomaniacal sadistic psychopath.” I can’t phrase it better than that, and yet, it still does not fully capture the personality of this man. Ordinarily, the lister should remain aloof from the list, but in this case, except for his congregation, which officially numbers 71, 60 of whom are Phelps’s relatives, it is highly doubtful if anyone else on the planet agrees with, or even slightly supports, Phelps’s savage, barbaric perversion of Christianity and its founder. So I don’t feel quite so bad about being biased.
His “ministry” at the Westboro Baptist Church, which he founded, in Topeka, Kansas, is based almost entirely on anti-homosexuality, which is one of the easiest, if not the easiest, sin to denounce by means of quoting the Bible. God condemns homosexuality at least twice, in Leviticus, and from this principle, Phelps feels he can condemn the entire world, but especially the United States of America, the latter which he has described as a liberal hellhole that supports homosexuality. That’s a very, VERY cleaned-up paraphrase of his graphic, disgustingly profane diction.
Whereas, there are plenty of verses to quote against hatred, “Love thine enemies” just one of them, as quoted above. Phelps and his worshipers (since they certainly don’t worship Jesus) petulantly ignore these verses and enjoy themselves by hating others. It is a physical and emotional release, a pleasure just as sensual as that garnered by loving others.
He may never have begun a sentence with “God loves…” For him, sermons ought to begin with “God hates…” Most of the time that blank is filled in with homosexual slurs.
He extrapolates God’s hatred for gays to ridiculous lengths, denouncing the entire world as imminently doomed to Hell, except for…you guessed it: him and his precious few followers.

His two estranged sons have described him as “a malignant narcissist, with the same short, viciously intemperate disposition as a serial killer toward his victims.” The only reason he has not killed anyone is not because he views it as a sin, but because it would give the rest of the world more universal ground on which to stand against him. He prefers to set himself up as God on Earth, perfect and blamelessly instigatory.

His oldest daughter, Shirley Phelps-Roper, has defended their actions as righteous with every word, according to the Bible, and forcing “the sinful American nation to open its mouth and condemn itself.”

He and his congregation picket at least 6 churches and political establishments around their hometown everyday, with signs that read, “God Hates F_gs,” “Thank God for Dead American Soldiers,” “America is Going to Hell,” etc. They do this for the sole purpose of offending and causing wanton emotional distress. They picket the funerals of dead soldiers, screaming at the families, even while they grieve at the gravesides, that the soldier has gone to Hell and so will they. Then they laugh. They have been sued at least once, successfully, but they successfully appealed this suit and paid nothing.

Phelps is the man responsible for sending these brainwashed fools, who revel in their own malice, across the country. He has condemned every single President, from the time he was old enough to care, as the Antichrist. He has even called President Obama “a nr” on several occasions.

Team work in college with different impact

NIBS having a large number of students from different parts of the country, different religion, social background, and financial status, have changed many students in terms of their character either positively or negatively depending on the time of friends one chooses to have. As it is friends determines to someone is or show me your friends and tell you your characters is truly right since if one is in the company of evil doers or those people who are always in the right side definitely the person will also change.
In NIBS college there is a group of students who are day scholars and others live in campus hostels, with this the students have formed groups according to their interests such that for the day scholars it is clearly evident that most of their friends are day scholars and others are from other campuses within Ruiru and it’s environs such as Mount Kenya University,Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenyatta University and many others.
With this the day scholars meets them since they live together where they have rented. With this if one has friends who are always in the negative side or them that influences them on the wrong sides such as they even miss classes just for them to stay with their friends in their areas of residence and with this an idle mind being the devil’s workshop they know start thinking and planning on how and what to do for them to have money that will sustain them.
Some use their school fees, others go engage themselves in illegal activities such as theft where the engage themselves in activities such as stealing and selling phones,laptops and other goods.
Others involve themselves in drug abuse and this is mostly to the college freshmen who are totally fresh from high school and others are new in town so they are easily influenced by their peers. This is to both genders such that you find a lady smoking bhangi and other drugs.
Others do join groups that change them positively such that some friends are always there to ensure their fellows are doing what is right and the right time.
In NIBS college, students are given groups when it comes to class work and in this they are supposed to work as a team and a deadline is set to when they should have completed the work for presentation.
These groups are helpful to some but to some it is time wastage since one might be fixed or placed in a group of those students who only comes once in a week and in this case it feels so painful to some students since with some of the assignments the group members has to divide roles among themselves for the assignment to be completed when required. With this one finds that he/she is the only group member left to do all the work and if the work is not submitted on the right time, the group members will not get marks for that work and with no doubt that is an incomplete for those group members.
At times the members work very well and when it comes to the last day the person or student with the final material fails all the group members by missing to submit the work.
Others do work together but when it comes to submission of the assignment the group members forgets one of their group member and with this that member will be forced to book a special exam which costs Sky 500/=. According to NIBS students who have incomplete or them that have not done their exams or them that have failed the exam due to one reason or the other, they are not given confirmation, attachment and clearance letters which acts as a barrier to many students.
NIBS college ensures that students work in teams and this makes it easy for them when they get to their careers since they are to work in groups or as a team and with this they will have been able to deal with lazy characters in their groups.
Others do miss to attend group meetings and since he or she is a member the group members then opts to give the member who have always been away and some give varied reasons to why they were absent such as lack of school fees such that they could not get access to the institution.The group members with this gives the member the role to like go and compel the work for submission and for some students they behave in such a manner that even a normal being can not do since some do the work and when submitting the work they just indicate their names leaving the others who did the work.
Some of the students when given group work they do mislead the others just for them to fail in their work and they hide and later do the work alone and submit it, while for some students since they are given permission to choose and form groups, others pretends and misleads others by joining two groups and for one group they are active and to the other group when given a role to perform they go missing with the work or they lie that the work is still on performance just to find that they have missed their marks.
Some of the students who are from rich backgrounds and them that are from humble background when they meet at school do impact either positively to their friends or negatively since some from the rich families share what they have with their friends who are in need of their help.For others they take it as an advantage to introduce their fellow students to some illegal activities such as stealing of their parent’s money and even to some extent of spending their school fees to enjoy with their friends who are from rich families who money to them is not an issue.
Some of the students are made to miss classes for them to join their friends just to make them happy forgetting that they are at NIBS for a short period of time and from there each and every student to continue with life and for most of the cases these students never meet again in life.


Kenya being the country where the politicians acquire the largest amount of money in African and Kenya being in the third world countries class,politicians have a great thirst for having the top most sites in the government.
With this being the reason this seems to be the cause of rising levels of corruption in the country since some of the leaders are just interested in material benefit and not helping and working for their fellow Kenyans.
Journalists are now on rise willing also to have the sites to.As Kenyans we now have to wait and see what these journalists are now upto maybe they will change the country to a better state.

Joshua Arap Sang declares interest in the Trans Nzoia Gubernatorial seat
Former radio journalist Joshua Arap Sang has declared interest in the Tranzoia Gubenatorial seat.
He said that he has been under pressure from the electorate to run for the position and will thus go for it.
“Due to pressure from the people of Trans Nzoia County, I have heard their voice and come next year I will be contesting to be the second Trans Nzoia Governor,” he said.
Speaking to journalists in Eldoret, Sang said he will use Jubilee Party as his vehicle to ascend to ascend to power.
“I urge my competitors including the incumbent to be ready for a tight race that has never been witnessed here before,” he added.
Sang reiterated that once elected, he will address issues such as poor health care, infrastructure, welfare of workers and farmers problems that have never been addressed.


Mwanamke mmoja alikamatwa mjini Nanyuki alipokuwa akijaribu kuweka pesa bandia za kiasi cha Sh30,000
Mwanamke mmoja wa umri wa makamo ametiwa mbaroni mjini Nanyuki akiwa na fedha bandia. Mwanamke huyo alikamatwa katika duka moja la M-Pesa katika eneo la makazi la Baraka viungani mwa Nanyuki alipokuwa akijaribu kuweka Sh30,000 za pesa bandia.
Mwanamke wa umri wa makamo amekamatwa na Sh30,000 za pesa bandia.Picha na:Maktaba
Habari Nyingine: Kiongozi wa upinzani Uganda alia kwa machungu baada ya kufungiwa nyumbani kwake
Fedha hizo bandia zilikuwa katika noti za Sh1,000. Kamanda wa AP Laikipia Mashariki John Tarus alisema polisi walipata Sh28,000 zikiwa zimefichwa katika mavazi yake ya ndani.
John Mburu, mmliki wa duka hilo la M-Pesa, anadai kwamba alitaka kuweka pesa hizo lakini akaelezwa hakukuwa na akiba.


Kenyans see democracy and economic growth as inextricably linked. Their main aspiration for democracy, according to Afrobarometer, is that it will create more equitable distribution of economic opportunity. For Kenya’s economy to take off, it must distribute power among ethnic groups. “Kenya could be a shining example,” said Barkan. “But it could unravel further politically and the economy could become moribund.” Juma believes for regional imbalances to be addressed, the country needs to upgrade its infrastructure. He suggests that a large-scale government employment scheme, structured like the New Deal in the 1930s United States, could employ youth to do this.

Most experts see a limited role for international actors such as the United States and the European Union in Kenya’s political future. Despite recent turmoil, the country has a vibrant media, a thriving civil society, and an economy that—prior to the election crisis—was on the upswing. It is not dependent on international aid. Thus democratization “can only go as fast as the locals can go,” says Barkan. Fallout from the December elections will likely slow this process, but to what degree is unknown. The tourism industry has already taken a significant hit, and the Economist Intelligence Unit says that foreign investors may be loath to pour funds into Kenya “over the medium rather than just the short term.”


The Party of National Unity (PNU) has agreed to support President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election in 2017 even after refusing to dissolve and join his Jubilee Party.

PNU’s National Delegates Conference in Nairobi resolved to field candidates in every elective post next year, except the President.

Delegates have also endorsed new party Leader Peter Munya to take over from retired president Mwai Kibaki.

Mr Munya says he will lead the party “democratically” by following his predecessors but added the new leadership will have to chart its course to deal with current challenges facing the party.

The NDC followed controversies surrounding the existence of the party that gave President Kibaki his second term.

This week a Political Parties Dispute Resolution Tribunal nullified its announced dissolution last month.

The Tribunal sitting in Nairobi found that wrong officials had signed documents declaring the party dissolved.

At Bomas of Kenya, the NDC also elected new officials, even as some delegates from Isiolo and Embu grumbled on being left out of key positions.

Politics in Kenya

With the devolution government, the county of Nyeri being headed by  His Excellency  Governor  Nderitu Gachagua  and his governor Waithaka is now left behind following the health  status of Gachagua.

Since last year on December the governor’s health status has been poor and he have been travelling abroad to seek medical assistance. Following this Nyeri county has been left behind since even from last year Gachagua has never been seen in public and also he has not been attending the recent JUBILEE meetings which have been headed by the president and his deputy William Ruto.

MCA s from this county have risen saying that they need a report from the governor’s office to address them and officially tell them on Gachagua’s health status. This was emphasized by Muruguru MCA.

This week Gachagua is said to have travelled abroad due to health issues, but as a result of this rumors have spread all over Nyeri county that the governor is no more but according to the family members and relatives is that Gachagua is still alive but under medication.

Nyeri county MCAs  now wants Waithaka  who is  the  deputy governor of the county to take over before next year’s elections with which they are now saying that the county has not benefited from the  JUBILEE government since it took power.

Just but the other day  Nyeri MCAs had  a motion on impeaching the governor  accusing his of misuse of office and also poor allocation  of tender.

The case was settled  by the senate who saw nothing   against Gachagua and ordered him to go back in office.



My fellow Kenyans I hereby want to address you as I help you to understand how to live in peace and being united during this campaign time.

We are one people and one nation of Kenya and with this we need to be careful not to be differentiated in accordance to our tribes.

Hope you all can recall what happened in 2007/2008 after the elections. Is there anybody who would want such to happen again?

It is our role to ensure that all the leaders who are inciting people to cause war shall be reported to the authority for action to be taken.

We all saw what happened to our fellow Kenyans who till now some are still struggling with life after their properties were burned up during the post elections violence.

Let’s all remember how many Kenyans were killed leaving many orphans and single parents in the country struggling with life after the death of their loved ones.

We also saw how our students by that time struggled since education system could not carry on since by then no schools had opened.

We all knew that if the country is not in peace then the economic status also would rise high thus leaving many struggling with life while those  leaders that insisted them are busy enjoying what they have.

In this nation of ours we all need to know that we are the determinants of how we want our country to be and how our leaders should use their powers since we are in a democratic nation.

We all need to know w that these leaders after insisting us to hate each other they will go laughing at us poor and foolish Kenyan who allow to be directed in the wrong direction while they know what they are being directed to is not good.

We as Kenyans we need to understand that even though we see our leaders using  hate speech towards each other in public we all need to know that together they go having supper, playing games together and the way we see them in public talking ill of each other we all need to understand that they do all this just to get know  and show how disunited they are but  the fact remains that they are the great friends.

To date our fellow Kenyans have no documents for those who were educated to proof that that they qualify like to join Universities, for them that had graduated from high school by then. Others have no documents to show when looking for a job since they were burned in their homes.

Others are now landless since they were sent away from the land that belonged to them.

Now that we are approaching 2017 General Elections I urge we Kenyans to remain peaceful and united during the campaigns, during the elections and after the elections.

Again let’s all remember that when we make a bad choice by choosing a leader only that during the campaign gave out a lot of  money means suffering will be experienced till that leader’s time in leadership ends. We can all see with those counties that made wrong decisions how their counties are being lead, and this is what has resulted to many cases of Governor impeachment all over our country.

We need to know that what we are now experiencing in our counties is as a result of we Kenyans failure to choose the qualified leaders and at times we do choose them basing on our tribalism and thus we ended up choosing  gready leaders who  are just there to fill their stomach while we are struggling. Fellow Kenyans lets be wise.